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Your first visit

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This first appointment will consist of a consultation, examination, X-rays, and treatment. You’ll know what Dr LaVictoire ( pronounced La-Vick-tor ) knows. You will have choices in your care ! Paper work is usually a three signature form and is as easy as any doctor’s office you’ve ever entered. Typically candidates for any chiropractic office will be those with a dominate side of symptoms – is it the right or left side of your spine? Even if one can not easily say left or right the doctor’s assessment may find an obvious side of dominance – we should both feel comfortable rather or not chiropractic is right for you. With your consent X-rays and treatment completes this initial contact.


What is chiropractic? My profession is based upon the understanding that overall good spinal health depends upon normal function / pain free movement. We’ll both focused on correcting why you are hurting – if my office adjusts the spine there has to be vertebral segments shifted from their normal position to a misaligned and fixed position. An adjustment of these segments to a more properly aligned position will provide relief. You’ll hear and feel the same sensation as when you pop your knuckles – it doesn’t hurt.

Is it safe? Yes. All chiropractic treatments have a good safety record, My malpractice insurance rate is approximately $1500 per year. We do not write prescriptions or perform invasive procedures. There is usually no side effects, if there is any side effects, you may feel a lateral shift from your ache to a burning and vice versa.

What type of education do chiropractic doctors receive? Today’s chiropractors have a minimum of seven years of college education which includes three years of an undergraduate program and four or five years at an accredited chiropractic college. Most chiropractors have a bachelor’s degree in addition to their Doctor or Chiropractic degree.

Do chiropractors treat conditions other than back pain? We provide spinal and extremity adjustment along with modalities (heat, cold, electric stimulation etc.) Headaches, sciatica, scoliosis, knee, shoulder, wrist and ankles are typically treated in my office. ACUPUNCTURE is another treatment performed in my office and some others who have had the necessary and additional credentials.

BIO : My practice opened May 6th 1986 but please do not think it’s an old practice. My equipment is more up to date than most. Digital films are the standard as is digital charting. Have you gone in a physician’s office where they had view boxes and paper charts – that just isn’t happening anymore. Do I still have records from years ago? Sure. Those paper charts are pulled when established patients re-enter as are plain films kept for review.

I don’t leave the house very often without people stopping me because of the sheer volume of people that have entered this office – throughout Beaufort, Martin, and Hyde County. Beginning with my education, associateship in another office (Atlanta and Savanah GA) and the ones treated in this location the numbers total up to approximately 100,000 visits.

My wife and I had an April 2014 beach wedding. We vacation by the ocean, spend a lot of time outside and live a quiet comfortable life. My daughter is a double major graduate of ECU, happily married and has my 3 year old grandson. My son and I could not be any closer. He is out of the house and living in Greenville.

The hardest thing for some of my patients and something that requires mental toughness are basic healthy life styles; REST, EXERCISE and PROPER NUTRITION. Tammy and myself practice these guidelines but I try to include a healthy and profuse sweat. We’re here for you and would love to be the ones taking care as many people who would entrust their care to this office.