What we treat

We treat acute injuries and long-standing symptoms. These long standing issues can led to arthritic formations in your spine. Arthritis in your spine does so because of excessive wear. This occurs when vertebral segments are not moving smoothly but are stiff and / or painful (long standing symptoms). Specifics areas treated other than spinal include the knees, shoulders, wrists and elbows.

Acupuncture in the state of North Carolina as in most states requires credentialing. My chiropractic education and eventual acupuncture credentialing was completed years ago. I practice acupuncture as a stand-alone or in conjunction with chiropractic. The beauty of acupuncture is its ability to speed the healing process but at the same time properly placed needles will also ease your pain.

Stretching exercises is different than strengthening exercises. I have handed out (with demonstration of my) stretching exercise to countless numbers of my patients. X-rays will be the determining factor of who requires specific stretches.

Scoliosis can be addressed with a specific X-ray. All Chiropractors expose films but one has to have his or her room set up and know techniques that allow for predictable potential outcome. This is performed when the patient is set in a harness, supports their own weight and allows the spine to stretch out – the film is then exposed. Some will have tremendous straightening and that is their potential for correctness.

Sciatica is leg pain caused by lumbar spinal nerve irritation. I have treated thousands of cases of sciatic.

Slipped disc (protrusions and herniations) have the potential for recovery through a chiropractor’s office if the disc is not already destroyed (a disc herniation).

HEADACHS at the base of our skull are usually easy to correct. The reasoning for the headache and positioning of this headache is where our upper most spinal segment meets the base of our skull. The headache is because of that area’s misalignment. MIGARAINS that are treatable by a chiropractor have to be one sided and have neurological involvement running from the trapezius muscle (the same area one would rub during a neck massage except close to the spine).

Again, I am a chiropractor and of course we treat upper, middle and low back pain. We can also diagnose and treat (or referral) pain in the arms, legs and most headaches. I expect my patients to be involved in their recovery – the time you spend away from my office is by far the majority of your day so why wouldn’t you help yourself. Yes guidance is important and a time saver. If you have low back pain, do you spend your day sitting or can you lay down? Are you taking advantage of heat and ice? Ice when its bad or getting worse AND heat when its the same or better (better than six to eighteen hours ago). Does your home have a tub and can you get in and out of it? Hot bathes are by far the best form of heat. Have you bought a lumbar support, knee brace, wrist brace or tried a neck collar? How is your head positioned the majority of the day? Taking the weight of your head off your upper spine by propping is a good habit (and it takes time to get use to the change). Do you have the strength to stop doing what you want to do and put your time into getting better – resting helps. Call us after hours and weekends. I can walk you through any concerns and if appropriate met you at the office.